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The 2nd edition of the COWM International Conference will be hosted in Venezia, Italy, from 27th to 30th November 2018.


The COWM International Conference is a biennial event that has been organized since 2016. The first edition brought together specialists in water, water resources, soil and environmental protection (international academic communities, professionals, public administrations, businesses and engineering companies), and stimulated and promoted both research and real world applications: the presence of experts from worldwide (over 75 scientific presentations by leading experts coming from more than 15 nations - from Australia to the United States, from Scandinavia to South Africa), confirmed the importance on an international level of the data engineering processes that exploit the potential of citizens’ collective intelligence, via mining of social media and monitoring of information provided directly by citizens.


The 2018 edition, entitled Citizen Observatories for natural hazards and Water Management, is expected to attract 250 participants.

The congress aims at bringing together and at confronting the scientific community, public and private agencies, and the SME sector. It also wants to create a forum where scientists can present their work and discuss ways of translating the results of their research into practical applications.


During the days of the conference, an expo area will be available for companies specialized in

technologies and services related to water, water resources, hydraulics, risk management, environmental and territorial monitoring. The area will be an interesting opportunity to engage with universities, consultants, research centers and equipment suppliers participating at the conference.



Furthermore, special sessions or technological workshops, for exhibitors can be planned within the congress schedule, focusing, for example, on software development, specialist equipment, innovative design, mobile technologies.

The conference will be an excellent promotional tool for companies working in the sector, providing the opportunity to meet and interact with the international scientific community and stakeholders and exchange experiences on development, implementation and use of new techniques.


The conference will be an occasion for exhibitors to strengthen their position on the market and identify opportunities to build investment strategies, to strengthen relations with the media already present and active during the Conference, to develop new partnerships and get in touch with new customers.


We would be happy to welcome you to VENICE as sponsor/exhibitor in a very prestigious venue: Palazzo Labia, in Campo San Geremia, Cannaregio (Venice), a baroque palace famous for its frescoes by Giambattista Tiepolo, and at the same time the functional headquarters of RAI (Italian broadcasting network), equipped with conference rooms and multimedia spaces.

The sponsorship proposals (in the downloadable brochure) provide some general information, we kindly invite you to contact our Organizing Secretariat for further details.


ing. Francesco Baruffi

Secretary General

Eastern Alps District (AAWA), Italy



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2nd International Conference
Citizen Observatories for
natural hazards and 
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27-30 November 2018, Venice


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