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The H2020 funded WeObserve project will hold the forums of its Communities of Practice at COWM2018
The WeObserve CoPs aim to strengthen the dispersed knowledge and experience on Citizen Observatories (COs) and to move citizen science into the mainstream of environmental management and decision making.

At COWM2018, WeObserve will launch its 4th and last Community of Practice!: CoP4 will focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Citizen Observatories. As with the currently running CoPs, CoP4 will be a vehicle for sharing and consolidating knowledge and best practices on key topics related to COs.

The CoPs invite a wide range of stakeholders to take part, including public authorities (local, regional, national, EU), civil society organisations, research and academia, citizens and citizen science working groups. CoP thematic areas:

CoP1 Co-designing citizen observatories and engaging citizens – identifying and defining strategic engagement practices and CO co-design aspects and elements; capturing lessons learned (from success and failure) from the implementation of strategic engagement practices and CO co-design versions and tools in differing conditions (led by IHE Delft)

November 28th (9.00 - 12.00 a.m.)

CoP2 Impact and value of citizen observatories for governance – providing an inventory of ‘tried and tested’ methods for capturing the impacts of COs on governance;
capturing CO impact stories/examples of best practice from citizens, private sector and policy perspectives; providing guidance on CO impact assessment for the CoP2 members and beyond (led by IHE Delft)

November 28th (3.30 - 6.30 p.m.)

CoP3 Interoperability and standards for citizen observatories – adopting the interoperability experiment format to test and improve implementation of vocabularies for describing projects and data, data quality, data sharing curation and preservation of citizen-science data, and addressing privacy and authentication licensing for CO sustainability (led by CREAF).

November 27th (2.50 - 5.50 p.m.)

CoP4 UN Sustainable Development Goals and citizen observatories - identifying the potential and challenges of using data acquired through citizen science in the successful implementation of the SDGs (led by IIASA).

November 29th (9.30 - 12.30 a.m.)

The first three CoPs were launched earlier this year on 6 June 2018, during the Citizen Science Workshop Day at the 2nd International ECSA Conference. Each of the four CoPs receives support and tools for managing its activities (online and F2F) and undertaking dissemination and outreach activities. The CoPs will exist as long as they continue to provide value to their members, with WeObserve support and coordination to draw on for the project duration. Please read our Terms of Reference for more details.
CoP activities include thematic knowledge co-creation, generating new solutions or agreeing on how to use existing ones, and knowledge sharing activities (meetings, events, conferences).
Not yet convinced to join a CoP? Consider the following benefits that CoPs bring you:

  1. Sharing ideas, knowledge, experiences, and work with others (networking)
  2. Leveraging ideas or knowledge
  3. Working towards concrete solutions in citizen science and optimising relevant resources
  4. Testing and implementing services in a collaborative environment
  5. Helping to broaden your own and your organisation’s knowledge and horizons (capacity development)
  6. Linking up with relevant initiatives at a global, national, regional, or local level

Don’t miss this opportunity to build on our cumulative knowledge in the field of citizen science and COs with a diverse set of stakeholders. 

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